Unlearn, to Learn

Keep your mind flexible and open as you learn. If learning brings rigidity, you will lose the ability to learn more and grow. Good learning is the art of connecting all the right dots and unlearning is the art of disconnecting and reconnecting towards learning more and learning the truth.

Sow more good seeds in your mind to nurture and develop right knowledge. Keep your mind alive by learning, unlearning, and relearning continuously. If what we learnt is either false or obsolete then it turns into a roadblock. Unlearning is the process of clearing the information garbage to establish new connections and bring in more knowledge. Enrich your consciousness to maintain currency of knowledge.

It makes more sense to have “Unlearning & Development” group. Organizations need a systematic unlearning to become  true learning organizations. Are you going to aim for the post of “Chief Unlearning Officer”? May be it would become a great career opportunity to uncement organizations from the outdated 20th century thinking!

Note: Originally posted on August 24, 2015.