Self Govern

Knowledge worker is a complex species emotionally, behaviorally, and mentally. Many factors influence human behavior and performance and an individual performs differently in different environment and management style. Therefore, trying to program and operate people like robots will only turn them into cheap devices.

Self-governance does not mean isolation or lonely struggle. It is neither about giving complete freedom to individuals in organizations to do anything they want. Self-governance only means that individuals need autonomy, knowledge, and thinking space to skillfully leverage the resources towards meeting the individual and organizational goals and expectations.

Ability to think is a great gift that separates humans from other species. So, let them think and become conscious of what they do well and what they do not. The power of freedom supported by collective intelligence injects enthusiasm in employees to do wonders. Enthusiasm is contagious and the outcome will be a miracle when more workforces become enthusiastic.

Do not manage but lead knowledge workers to self-learn, realize, respond, and reflect. Focus on developing the art of leadership to understand, have empathy, and to empower individuals to happily unleash their potential.

Note: Originally posted on August 27th, 2015 by Lakshman Pillai A at