Smipio for Education


Smipio for Education is for institutes of higher education with a vision to make all students uniquely successful.

Many graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. This is because education system got cemented in the 19th century and learners are prisoned in limited imagination.

Why Holistic Education?


To Transform Humanity For Greatness

Powers learners to unlock their cognitive power to make a mark in life with a big picture in mind.

To Make Learners Ready For Happy Career

Helps learners to become aware, aspire wisely and build right skill to attract high value jobs.

Reinventing Education


Empower Digitally, Wisely

Factory model of rote learning and mundane teaching fail to unleash talent. The current online model does not transform education.

Smipio for Education is designed ground-up to transform the way faculties teach and students learn.

Smipio for Education


Redesign Learning Campus

Smipio for Education drives digital transformation to replace outdated model and rise higher education for academic excellence.

Empower faculties to escape the pain of overloaded mundane teaching and guide students for high success.


Unleash Cognitive Power

Smipio for Education unlocks the cognitive power through digital library and PurpleMind masterclass.

Empower learners to effortlessly learn and relearn to stay relevant.


Guide For Happy Career

Singularized education enables learners to aspire and learn with sense of purpose.

Smipio for Education helps students connect all the right dots, plan, harness collective brilliance and achieve what they truly aspire.


Monitor The Progress

Visibility on learning progress and skills gap is vital to guide learners to learn what matters when it matters.

Smipio for Education offers personal and team scorecards to monitor learning and skill development.

Let All Students Shine


“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

- Alexander Den Heijer

Redesign education to singularize learning and make learners think, learn and grow beyond.