Smipio for Workplace


Smipio for Workplace is for enterprises having sincere desire to achieve excellence and deliver happy experience.

Create holistic workplace to harness the collective brilliance, and optimize learning and working to deliver great work.

Why Holistic Workplace?


Simplify Work

Complex, disintegrated work environment and information overload drain organizational energy.

Happify Workforce

66% of employees are not happy at work due to career misfit, career stagnation, and slow learning.


Reinventing Workplace


Smipio for Workplace

Rigid and weak workplace perish in this world of great new possibilities.

Smipio for Workplace is an unified system to connect knowledge and people, simplify skill development and drive work the agile way. Smipio digitally empowers workforce to deliver excellence at work.

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Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 2 - for Library

Get Right Knowledge

Smipio Library helps workforce navigate to right knowledge without having to search.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 4 - for Social

Enable Easy Collaboration

Smipio Social connects experts and helps harness the collective knowledge to accelerate learning.

Smipio Modules More Icon - SC - 4 - for Career

Drive Career Growth

Smipio Career helps define job profiles and skills map to guide workforce to follow right career path.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 6 - for Talent

Enrich Skill Development

Smipio Skill empowers workforce to accelerate skill development through personalized learning.

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Build Super Teams

Smipio Group helps align right talent, build super teams, and monitor their learning and work.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 10 - for Invent

Ignite Sensible Innovation

Smipio Invent helps organize collective ideas, drive continuous change, and escape stagnation.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 9 - for Agile

Work The Agile Way

Smipio Agile unifies knowledge, project, team, and lean working for delivering great work.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 11 - for Growth

Monitor The Progress

Smipio Scorecard gives visibility into personal and team progress, and helps address gaps on time.

Happify Workforce


Embrace Smipio for happy and high performance learning and working.

Drive self-directed learning and easy collaboration in the pursuit of happy career and great working.

To achieve excellence at work: