Transform Workplace


Empower SMB

Embrace single platform to collectively learn, harness the power of limited human capital and easily manage work. Accelerate growth.


Energize BPO

Create lean and smarter workplace to empower the managers and team leads to effectively manage and the agents to efficiently learn and work.


Transform enterprise

Converge, simplify and eliminate all the inefficiencies caused by outdated platforms and practices as well as the disintegrated systems. Maximize performance.

Transform Business Functions


Transform HR

Take HR to next generation and help HR team empower workforce to take control of their career, talent and progress in line with the goals.


Personalize education

Smartly deliver right learning programs & content and monitor the outcome for increasing learning effectiveness and trainers' productivity.


Ignite Research

Democratize and accelerate innovation through collaborative thinking, open discussion, idea management, task management and knowledge management.


Energize salesforce

Build prospect knowledge base, capture collective thoughts, connect all the related informaiton and enlighten the salesforce to wisely sell.


Maximize project success

Simplify and integrate project, communication, knowledge and talent management to deliver work excellence and success all the time.


Deliver great customer support

Customers today have very high expectations and they will walk away to your competitor when you frustrate them with poor response. Delight your customers through super fast support.