The Digital (Social) Responsibility

Empowerment or Disempowerment

Digital technology is like a knife. It can be used to save life and make many wonderful things. It can also be used to destroy life. Therefore, the responsibility lies with both producers and consumers. Producers on growth steroid will never think of sensible means to grow their business. Designing products that make young minds addicted to it without deriving any positive value is completely immoral and unethical. Not sure how many will have uncompromisable professional ethics.

Take Responsibility

The responsibility purely falls on the shoulders of consumers. Their life is their responsibility. It is absolutely essential to become completely conscious of what they should do and should not do with their digital empowerment. Digital technology is an amazing innovation to connect to the world of wonders. Individuals can pick what to learn, whom to connect and how to harness the power of collective intelligences to meaningfully progress.

When social media became popular, the terminologies such as Enterprise 2.0, KM 2.0, and Education 2.0 emerged with the idea of social networking, social learning and social transformation for accelerating growth. Meantime, addictive games and useless social interactions increased exponentially. Between the good and bad, and positive and negative, many got sucked into the digital black hole.

Digital Distraction

Digital distraction prevented many young people from having a sense of purpose in their life. They could not concentrate on their education. Education institutions also failed to digitally empower the faculties and students. They failed to engage them in skill transformation through digital transformation. Laptops and smart phones became a full-time entertainment gadgets instead of being a great gadget of talent transformation. Even the workforce lost their productivity due to digital distraction.

The Danger Zone

Social media can be used to create riot or make peace in the world. We can either debate and have dialogue to ignite new ideas or we can argue, fight and exchange abusive words on social media to divide and destroy humanity. Social media can be a wonderful platform to create awareness toward making social evils disappear.

Jumping into the ocean of smartphone could be extremely dangerous if we do not know how to sail in the right direction with the purpose in mind. Know where the sharks are. Stay away from those sharks and do not become their feast. Do not fall into their trap of consuming their product without meaningful purpose.

Take Control

If progress and happiness matters in your life, define your destiny, take control of your destiny, drive to your future you design, and enjoy the journey of life. Holistic digital empowerment at workplace can transform the way workforce learn, work and grow toward greatness by unleashing collective brilliance. Sensible use of digital technology can shorten the average travel time of employees contributing to the reduction of traffic and pollution.