Smipio for You


Smipio for You digitally empowers cluelessly struggling students and workforce in their pursuit of happy career.

Take quantum leap comfortably beyond your comfort zone.

Why Digital Empowerment?


To Be Future Ready

Future of workforce lies in their ability to self-govern, get powered by collective insight, redesign the talent, and stay relevant in the whole new world of robotic automation.


To Be Usefully Unique

Education factories driven by rote learning and herd mentality mass-produce uselessly degreed humans. Singularize learning to become who you desire.


To Be Happy At Work

As per Gallup survey, "66% of employees are disengaged at work". To become a brilliant hero at work, navigate you to happy career and achieve excellence systematically.

Get Empowered Digitally

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Unleash Personal Excellence

Smipio for You is a wise companion for those who think beyond survival with deep desire to thrive.

Smipio for You insightfully guides individuals to become aware, pick right career, collaborate, and unlock the personal excellence for great work.

Plan and Pricing

Knowledge Genie
Bring right knowledge at your fingertips, plan and monitor your learning.


Per User / Month
Happy Career
Discover you, build and brand your talent for the dream career.


Per User / Month
Great Work
Manage time, tasks and team the agile way for high productivity.


Per User / Month

The Holistic Digital Empowerment

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Smipio Career

Brings career clarity and helps define the goals to drive towards progress without distractions.

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Smipio Skill

Facilitates skills mapping for planned competence building in line with the skills gap.

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Smipio Library

Enables the curation of digital knowledge library to bring right knowledge at fingertips.

Smipio Modules More Icon - SC - 4 - for Profile

Smipio People

Helps organize people directory, find right person, and drive one-to-one knowledge exchange.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 4 - for Social

Smipio Social

Connects knowledge experts and seekers to harness collective intelligence and accelerate learning.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 7 - for Team

Smipio Group

Helps pick right talent from the pool and build super teams for delivering operational excellence.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 9 - for Agile

Smipio Agile

Facilitates organization work, groups, and tasks the agile way for high customer satisfaction.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 10 - for Invent

Smipio Thought

Ignites group thinking, and helps organize ideas with open mind to democratize idea management.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 11 - for Growth

Smipio Scorecard

Brings visibility into learning, competence and work, and guides insightfully to address the gaps.

Navigate You To Happy Career


Avoid painfully unemployable life and design your talent for dignity, higher status and abundance of wealth.

Build and brand your brilliance to reach the pinnacle of success.