Smipio for You

Reinventing Yourself For The Future

Addressing the new age challenges and experiencing happy working need a wise approach. The future of yourself is all about staying relevant in the robotic age by designing or redesigning your dream career.

Your future lies in your ability to boost your cognitive power, understand yourself, and script your story of success. Get empowered to wisely navigate to the success you script.

New Age Challenges


Disengaged, Distracted Workforce

As per the Gallup survey, 66% of the employees are not happily engaged at work. People spend 30% of their time searching for information due to information overload.

Digital distractions make students and workforce tired of consuming useless information and involving in unproductive work.


Unemployability, Underemployment

Robots make many humans useless. 90% of the graduates are not employable due to regimented rote learning. Lack of career clarity and directionless learning result in useless degree with shallow skill.

On top of all these, robotization takes away many human jobs and makes many humans useless.

Solution: Holistic Talent Empowerment

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Wise Navigator For Happy Career

Smipio for You digitally empowers and inspires you to aspire and plan your career and talent development. It enables you to wisely navigate your learning and progress.

Smipio for You is an integrated personal knowledge, career, competency, learning and work management platform. It enables easy collaboration and insightful progress monitoring for making you a super performer.

Plan and Pricing

My Learning

Navigate the digital library, plan, learn, and monitor learning.


per user / month

My Career

Define your career, personalize learning, and brand your talent.


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Smipio Overview

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 1 - for Drive

Smipio Focus

Smipio Focus enables you to get career clarity, define your goals, and drive your progress without distractions.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 3 - for Learn

Smipio Learn

Smipio Learn is a digital library with a learning navigator. It ignites personalized learning to get right knowledge at fingertips.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 4 - for Social

Smipio Interact

Smipio Interact connects you to experts for social learning. It helps get the collective answers, ideas, and opinions.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 6 - for Talent

Smipio Skill

Smipio Skill helps map current and required skills based on career goals. You can plan your skill development in line with your skills gap.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 9 - for Agile

Smipio Work

Smipio Work enables you to build a team, organize work, manage the tasks the agile way and optimize execution.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 11 - for Growth

Smipio Grow

Smipio Grow gives visibility on your learning, competency and tasks, and navigate you to right knowledge to address the gaps.

Build and Brand Yourself


Enjoy Happy Career

Let the Wise Navigator guide your competency building, branding and positioning of your talent for the right opportunity you desire and deserve.

Enjoy happy career building. Experience sustainable happiness at work.