Smipio for Workplace

Experience Flow At Work


New Age Challenges

Workplace got cemented in the outdated systems and atomistic thinking. Employees spend 30% of the time looking for information.

66% of employees are not happy at work due to career and competence mismatch. Lack of career clarity and poor learning visibility affects quality of learning and working. All these challenges result in high stress and low productivity.

Solution: Holistic Workplace

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Simplify, Happify Work

Smipio for Workplace is a holistic workplace transformation system for digitally empowering workforce to drive high performance. Smipio brings down the cost of learning, simplifies work, and increases productivity as well as the quality of work.

Smipio for Workplace is a lean and integrated knowledge, career, talent, learning, collaboration, team, project, customer support, and performance management solution for digitally empowering workforce to insightfully unleash their collective brilliance.

Plan and Pricing

Talent Empowerment

Personalized learning, talent and career Management


Per user/month

Work Empowerment

End to end learning, talent and project management


Per user/month

Solution Overview


Bring right knowledge at fingertips

Lack of access to common knowledge leads to poor response resulting in frustrated customers. Time consuming search for information drains workforce energy.

Smipio for Workplace simplifies knowledge management to organize world of knowledge and help workforce navigate to right knowledge without having to search. It makes employees smarter and productive.


Harness collective intelligence

High attrition and lack of ability to harness collective experience lead to repetition of mistakes and duplication. This brings down team productivity and blocks business progress.

Smipio for Workplace helps easily collaborate with experts and drive knowledge exchange in line with the tasks on hand and talent development needs.


Enrich talent development

Adhoc learning at work, lack of visibility into skills gap and absence of personalized learning roadmap make learning slow, ineffective and expensive.

Smipio for Workplace empowers workforce to take control of their career and personal talent management to drive effective competency development.


Build high performance teams

Managers spend seven hours a week in looking for information, preparing reports, and communicating. Absence of best practices and simple platform lead to gross under-utilization of team potential.

Smipio for Workplace empowers managers to align right talent, build super teams and drive collaboration towards high productivity and work quality.


Democratize innovation

Empower the team to collectively think, capture and organize ideas for delivering excellence at work. Make sure every single ideas from all team members are captured, discussed and refined for delivering great work.

Smipio for Workplace helps creatively manage all tasks, execute them thoughtfully and deliver unique experience to all stakeholders.


Simplify work the smart and agile way

Disintegrated and monolithic systems developed with the 20th century thinking complicate work and drain organizational energy. Complexity in teamwork, project, and product management affects performance.

Smipio for Workplace simplifies work, project, and innovation and energizes workforce to systematically work for delivering outstanding performance and instant support without stress.


Monitor and accelerate progress

Lack of insight on work progress and low visibility into learning dramatically brings down the performance.

Smipio for Workplace provides personal and team scorecards, talent analytics, and contribution reports to gain complete visibility into what is progressing and what is not, and who is progressing and who is not. It ultimately helps take right decisions to address the skills gap and performance gap on time.