Smipio for Workplace


Smipio for Workplace is for knowledge enterprises having a sincere desire to deliver happy experience for all stakeholders.

Create a holistic workplace through holistic digital empowerment to optimize learning and working.

New Age Challenges


Stressfully Vulnerable Workplace

66% of employees are not happy at work. Career mismatch, slow learning and poor collaboration lead to high level of frustrated employees and customers.

Complex system and information overload drain organizational energy.

Reinventing Work

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Get Transformed Digitally

Smipio for Workplace is an integrated knowledge, career, skill, learning, collaboration, team and agile-based work management system.

Smipio for Workplace simplifies and unifies learning and working, and connects people and knowledge for achieving work excellence.

Plan and Pricing

Knowledge Genie

Digital knowledge library with learning navigator to get right knowledge


per user/month

Happy Career

Personalized learning, talent and career management


per user/month

Great Work

End to end learning, talent, team and project management


per user/month

Get Transformed Digitally

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Bring Knowledge At Fingertips

Smipio Library enables subject matter experts to build digital library, and navigates workforce to right knowledge without having to search.

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Ignite Career Transformation

Smipio Career helps HR and team leaders to define job profiles and skills map, and gives visibility into self-sufficiency for career growth.

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Drive Easy Collaboration

Smipio Social helps connect to experts in line with the tasks and talent development needs, and avoid repetition of mistakes and duplication of work.

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Enrich Talent Development

Smipio Skill empowers workforce to take control of their career, and drive proactive skill development through personalized learning.

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Build High Performance Teams

Smipio Group empowers managers with collective insight to align right talent, build super teams, and monitor their learning and work performance.

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Democratize Innovation

Smipio Invent helps democratize thinking, organize ideas to ignite innovation and bring organizations out of stagnation.

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Work The Agile Way

Smipio Agile unifies knowledge, project, team, and lean working energize workforce for systematic work.

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Monitor The Progress

Smipio Scorecard provides personal and team scorecards, and talent analytics to enable timely decision making to address all gaps.

Deliver Happy Experience


Workforce empowered by right knowledge, easy collaboration, self-directed learning and simplified work deliver wonders.

Get ready to transform your workplace to make workforce wiser and productive.