Agile HRD

Drive Talent Empowerment

Simplify human competency management, bring down the learning cost and make your team battle ready.


Build organization

Create and manage organization chart, map the job roles, provide easy access to all HR policies and ensure that everyone is ready to deliver.

Through HR experts connect and self-support knowledge base provide timely help to your workforce to ensure that everyone understand and adhere to the organizational policies and culture.


Democratize talent management

Take human competency management to the next generation. Empower and engage workforce to self-manage, pick right career path, map competency identify skills gap and monitor performance.


Provide efficient HR helpdesk

Request HR experts for clarifications on all HR policies such as leave, code-of-conduct, legal, career, performance review and more. Empower the HR team to quickly and easily respond to the employee requests.


Bring HR knowledge at fingertips

Build HR knowledge base, navigate to right knowledge and easily learn without having to search. Enrich employee communication to ensure that right knowledge is delivered to right people for leading the entire workforce towards the common goals.


Monitor employee performance

Gain visibility on competency and skills gap at personal and team level to help align right talent to the tasks and deliver right knowledge to address the gaps.