Wise BPO

Drive Operational Efficiency

Smartly drive non-linear growth by harnessing collective intelligence and building lean workplace towards creating next generation BPO and KPO.


Think high productivity

Business environment is extremely competitive. Maintaining high profitability is vital for stable growth.

Eliminate the inefficiencies and simplify learning and working. Bring down the cost towards creating highly profitable outsourcing business


Turn employees into star performers

Transform the way you deliver knowledge to make your managers, team leads and agents superstars. Smartly manage continuously changing information, empower them to self-learn and intelligently repond to your customers


Smartly manage growth

Energize the managers with simplified & highly scalable management practices and platform so that they can comfortably manage growing and changing workforce


Think non-linear growth

Smipio for Workplace got the power to transform BPO from communication, HR management, training to customer response. Think holistically to maximize per person productivity and revenue to drive non-linear growth.