Transform education and enterprise
in six smart steps to change the way workforce think, learn, and perform
Smipio Transform - Step Five (Perform) - Work Empowerment
Work empowerment is a systematic approach to transform the way we manage work for delivering excellence. It helps define task, assign right talent, build team, follow the best practices & processes, manage activities, institutionalize knowledge and perform easily to exceed expectations consistently.

This scientific method and knowledge-driven approach for managing process and task lifecycle help address the following challenges and empower the workforce to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Disconnected and disorganized business processes resulting in sub-optimum performance
  • Quality issues due to lack of timely access to right knowledge and inadequate task clarity
  • Lack of consistency, poor scalability, and adhoc activity management bring inefficiencies at work
  • Absence of simple practices for building high performance workforce
  • Simplify work and enthusiastically engage workforce at work to deliver their individual and collective best
Consulting and workshop

Manage work diligently

  • Institutionalizing the holistic approach in all business functions
  • Enriching all the processes through best practices
  • Integrated talent planning, time & activity management
  • Systematically managing individual and collective activities

Holistic project management

  • Integrating knowledge management (KM) in PMO, managing project life-cycle, setting up project knowledge bank, managing and sharing lessons learned, systematically building high performance project teams
  • Address the challenges such as ineffectively managed projects and the lessons learned, project failures including budget overshoot and time delay, and repetition of costly mistakes

Holistic product innovation

  • Make KM practices an integral part of the "product development strategy "
  • Discover the collective ability necessary to build great products
  • Maximize intellectual capital through effective research and development
  • Gain competitive intelligence and improve product adoption
  • Set high standard to meet the increasing customer expectations

Smart customer support

  • Build customer knowledge, experts yellow page, collaboration system, and support knowledge bank to facilitate self-service support model
  • Address the issue of poor customer response, non-scalable support model, and poor visibility into competency
  • Ignite happiness of all stakeholders and report on the progress in line with the key performance indicators
Workshop 2 days (Max 15 Participants)
Consulting 10 days (Minimum)
Product implementation

Work empowerment solution powered by Smipio includes knowledge and activity lifecycle management, task planning, task management, workforce allocation and scheduling, lean practice, agile management, automatic knowledge and experts suggestion, team management, owner mapping, and more.

Based on our holistic approach, we have architected pre-integrated and lean system to connect knowledge management, collaboration network, organizational innovation, and talent empowerment to work empowerment. This integrated platform is the result of our thought leadership in building holistic workplace. It empowers workforce with right knowledge, easy collaboration, effective innovation, talent transformation, and lean practice to enthusiastically deliver super performance at work.

Key benefits
  • Maximizes both operational efficiency and organizational excellence in all business functions
  • Improves responsiveness and quality towards high customer satisfaction
  • Helps develop competitive advantage to deliver better, faster and cheaper
Key applications
  • Integrated project management
  • Product innovation
  • Smart customer support
  • Collaborative research and development
  • Group work management
Drive operational efficiency and excellence with ease