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in six smart steps to change the way workforce think, learn, and perform
Smipio Transform - Step Four (Learn) - Talent Empowerment

Talent empowerment is a next generation human competency management solution. It drives workforce transformation by systematically managing the complete talent and learning lifecycle in line with the personal and organizational objectives. Talent lifecyle is a best practice and methodology for managing the personal and enterprise competency from planning, talent discovery to positioning and repositioning in line with the organizational goals. Learning lifecycle is a scientific approach to personalized, collaborative and organizational learning.

  • Under-utilized resource leading to sub-optimum performance
  • Quality issues due to lack of timely access to right knowledge
  • Lack of consistency and scalability in delivering learning
  • Absence of system thinking for building high performance workforce


  • Help knowledge workers insightfully manage their career plan, personal knowledge, and learning activities in line with their skills and job responsibilities to maximize their mind power.
Consulting and workshop
  • Mind power, self realization, and proactive thinking
  • Employability and the self-esteem
  • The turning point
  • Personal competency management
  • Personal talent management and talent transformation
  • Smart career and learning planner
  • Personal learning management practices
  • Enterprise talent management
  • Scientific management of learning & development
  • Management of true learning programs
  • Systematic and scalable training and development
  • Systematic talent assessment and development
  • Energize the mind to deliver excellence
  • Cultivate positive attitude to embrace change
  • Identify right talent
Workshop 2 days (Max 15 Participants)
Consulting 10 days (Minimum)
Product implementation

Talent empowerment solution powered by Smipio is an integrated talent empowerment and learning management software. It includes human competency management, personal and enterprise learning management, talent analytic, workforce planning, team management, talent pool monitoring, learning program management, personalized learning roadmap, and progress management.

Key benefits
  • Accelerates cost-effective learning towards making a learning organization
  • Empowers people to unlock their true potential and help deliver personal excellence
  • Helps build a high-performance teams
Key applications
  • HR transformation
  • Human competency management
  • Learning & development
  • eLearning
  • Corporate university


Create perfect learning ecosystem and empower talent to perform their best