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Smipio Transform - Step Three (Think) - Organizational Innovation
Organizational innovation is a systematic approach to think in team and turn collective thinking into ideas and ideas into successful innovation scientifically and psychologically. This entire innovation lifecycle management system helps effectively address the following challenges to facilitate idea creation at all levels of an organization and across various boundaries.
  • Lack of free flow of thinking across the organization as organizations are trapped in past success
  • Absence of innovation in day to day work blocks business growth
  • Increasing customer expectations combined with short life-cycle for knowledge, products and services
  • Chaotic collaboration and restrictive organization structure undermine great ideas
  • Inability to focus on tomorrow's need while addressing today's issues lead to crash-landing


  • Make organization innovation ready through easy collaboration and systematic idea management
  • Drive smooth flow of ideas across the organization and democratize innovation for continuous improvement.
Consulting and workshop
  • Realizing the need for systematic idea management
  • Collective idea management process
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Nurturing holistic thinkers
  • Collaboration platforms and practices for collective thinking
  • Think, capture, and evaluate ideas using team thinking style
  • Drive smooth flow of information which is vital for collective thinking
  • Turning ideas into action using innovation lifecycle
  • Brainstorming culture
  • Sustainability and change management
Workshop 2 days (Max 15 Participants)
Consulting 10 days (Minimum)
Product implementation
Organizational innovation powered by Smipio includes idea bank, idea organizer, voting, feedback, classification, discussion, selection, implementation planner, and scorecard. Our experts help implement the system based on your business needs, setup taskforce with accountability, and to enable collective thinking.
Key benefits
  • Unearth great ideas and drive innovation in day-to-day work
  • Democratize innovation across the organization
  • Helps differentiate and lead through continuous change
  • Increase the ability to take right decisions on time
Key applications
  • Initiative management
  • Systematic research
  • Continuous operation innovation
  • Process innovation and process excellence
Democratize innovation to drive continuous improvement