Think Learn Perform


Smipio is architected based on the TLP - Think Learn Perform framework. This is a holistic approach to empower the knowledge workers to self-govern, self-direct learning, and self-manage.

This model helps institutions, industries and individuals to collaboratively think, learn and perform for delivering the best performance possible.


Current and future knowledge workforce deserve better learning and working environment. Simplifying and happifying learning and working can help engage enthusiastically, unleash the true human potential, and create wonders.

Lack of system thinking, disintegrated approach and piecemeal solutions fail to unlock the true potential of people, individually as well as collectively. The unified framework to think, learn and perform helps design the high performance learning and work environment.



Ability to think and connect all the right dots is the foundation of human excellence. We need to know why we do what we do. We need to know what we need to do to become what we want to become. We need to know what is the best way to do to differentiate and deliver excellence.

Thinking makes our learning and working more meaningful.



Developing right talent is vital to get right employment and engage enthusiastically at work. Therefore, it is essential to align our thinking and desire with what we learn.

Sensible, personalized and social learning is necessary to ignite and deliver brilliance.



Success at work really depends on level of autonomy, work simplification, tool for digital empowerment, and knowledge empowerment at workplace.

For high performance learning and working, human resources need to effectively collaborate, get right knowledge at fingertips and easily manage talent, team and tasks.