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Smipio for Enterprise Excellence - Knowledge Management - Features
Build business memory

Employees spend 30% of their time searching for information. This drains organizational energy and results in high level of stress, inefficiency, ineffective learning, and unhappy customers.

Institutionalize knowledge management to organize relevant knowledge, build corporate memory, and provide secured and easy access to organizational information and insight. Navigate the knowledge base without having to search endlessly. Become smarter and super productive by bringing right knowledge at fingertips.


Setup workforce directory to know who is who

Create user profiles, define access privilege based on roles, and disable or enable account easily. Setup and maintain organization chart, assign workforce to team, and reorganize quickly as when the need araise.


Organize knowledge for instant learning

Create taxonomy including knowledge categories, content type, skill level, and keywords.

Capture content such as file, web link, and knowledge notes and classify them for easy access. Ultimately, create curated and smarter knowledge base for easy and sensible navigation. Instant access to collective insight is the strong foundation for great organizations.


Map knowledge to teams for secured access

Link knowledge categories to team leaders to facilitate secured access for team members and help individuals map categories for personalized learning.

Everyone is unique and therefore their learning roadmap must be unique as well. Access relevant knowledge all the time so that the workforce can intelligently complete their work on time.


Transform the way you communicate

Intimate right people about new content, manage changes, archive, or discard to main currency. Drive knowledge-base driven communication instead of using outdated email technology.

View pending messages, updates and content delivered to you without losing the links. Monitor the effectiveness and progress at regular intervals.

Track communication through information audit trail to make communication effective. In case of discrepencies, refer to the trail to bring accountability and responsibility.


Bring right knowledge at fingertips

Navigate to right knowledge based on category, type, level, and usage without having to search. Rate, comment and discuss the knowledge gained to bring quality content to top. Access top content and easily refer to related knowledge for holistic learning.

Create survey to capture the opinion of people and get collective insight and feedback. Understand the pulse of employees to facilitate sensible management decisions.


Monitor the individual and collective smartness

Gain visibility into admin operation, knowledge contribution, and usage to continuously enhance the value of the organizational memory.

Assign both contribution and usage scores for everyone based on frequency of access and quality of their contributions. Based on frequency and rating, list top contributors, recognize and reward them regularly to drive high quality knowledge exchange.



Make everyone to work at their optimal level

Improve knowledge contribution and usage using gamification strategy and encourage the workforce to work at their optimal level and add more value.

Bring more light into the workspace of everyone so that they know what they do, why, and how. Need more creative human touch to differentiate and grow confidently.



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