Smipio for Education


Smipio for Education is for institutions having a genuine interest to make all students shine by singularized learning.

Create the next generation learning environment to ignite holistic education.

Why Holistic Education?


To Deliver Academic Excellence

Education system cemented in 19th century lead to industry and campus disconnect, and decaying of institutions.

Regimented learning replaced with learning autonomy makes humans humanly skillful.


To Make Learners Life Ready

The factory model force students to be more examination and mark centric instead of helping them make a mark in real life.

Connected learning maximizes employability, and eliminates unemployment and underemployment.


To Pull People Out Of Poverty

Due to lack of cognitive development and deep learning, most students struggle to learn and remain useless with shallow talent.

Holistic education nurtures deep competence for shaping learners to escape the gravity of poverty.

Reinventing Education

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Empower Digitally, Wisely

Smipio for Education is designed ground-up to transform the way faculties teach and students learn. Reinventing education makes huge positive impact at personal, organizational and national level.


Smart Companion Of Faculty

Smipio for Education empowers faculties to organize world of knowledge into an easy to navigate knowledge base. Smipio helps faculties easily manage and monitor self-directed learning.


Wise Navigator Of Learner

Smipio for Education is a future-ready talent transformation platform. Smipio is designed as a guiding light to learn sensibly and brand the talent for big success.

Plan and Pricing

Knowledge Genie

Digital knowledge library with learning navigator to get right knowledge


per user/month

Happy Career

Personalized learning, competence and career management


per user/month

Great Work

End to end learning, talent and agile based project management


per user/month

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Redesign Learning Campus

Replace the outdated model and take institutions of higher education into the 21st century.

Smipio for Education powers insitutions to help everyone succeed through personalized knowledge empowerment.


Enrich Cognitivity And Learning

Provide cost-effective, scalable, and systematic approach for life-long learning to help individuals shape, shine and stay relevant.

Smipio for Education helps organize digital library with world-class knowledge to enrich self learning.


Guide Towards Happy Career

Singularized education enables learners to manage their aspirations and learning with sense of purpose.

Smipio for Education ignites students to connect all the right dots using learning planner and navigator to achieve what they truly aspire.


Monitor Learning Progress

Visibility on learning progress, gap, competence and skills gap is vital to guide learners to learn what matters and when it matters.

Smipio for Education offers personal and team scorecards to monitor the goals and talent.

Let All Students Shine


“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

- Alexander Den Heijer

Reimagine education to make all learners think, learn and grow beyond. Let all students bloom.