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The Ecosystem for Unleashing Excellence

High level of disengagement at workplace and classroom ruins competence and performance. An extraordinary ecosystem is vital for current and future knowledge workers to peacefully sleep, joyfully get up from bed without an alarm, and enthusiastically do their duty every single day.

Knowledge workers need to naturally and subconsciously perform their role like honeybees cross-pollinating, birds dispersing seeds, and water flowing through rivers.

The New Age Challenges


The New Age Challenges

Presently, the regimented and disempowered learning and work environment bring stress. Outdated and factory-model of education lead to high unemployability and underemployment. Blind learning without sense of purpose undermines the true potential of individuals. Disintegrated and complex workplace practices result in rigidity, stagnation and unhappy experience.

Atomistic thinking is the root cause of all these interrelated problems. This very disconnected thinking prevents us from solving these problems meaningfully.



Future of education, work and talent is all about holistic thinking, agility, singularity, autonomy and working in harmony towards unlocking the unique potential of individuals as well as the collective power.

Smipio Converge

Smipio Converge is a cloud-based holistic software ecosystem to bring together quality knowledge, subject matter experts, learners, education institutions, and enterprises. Smipio drives smooth flow of knowledge and empowers knowledge workers to change the way they think, learn and perform.

Following are the key functionalities of Smipio naturally unleashing human excellence through holistic digital transformation.

Smipio Converge - Key Functions

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Smipio Library

Helps create powerful institutional memory by enabling experts to curate and organize high quality digital library supporting various learning styles. Links students, faculties, industry experts, career aspirants, and alumni to easily socialize, share knowledge, and harness collective intelligence.

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Smipio Career

Guides individuals to insightfully aspire, reimagine future and become what they want to become in their pursuit for excellence. Enlightens individuals to wisely pick right career, define goals, and monitor learning, competency building, and work progress in line with the aspiration.

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Smipio Learn

Empowers knowledge seekers to easily navigate digital library to bring all the right knowledge at fingertips and sensibly learn. Provides instant access to relevant and related knowledge and helps connect to right experts to learn beyond. Dramatically brings down the learning cost, accelerates effective learning, and enriches employability.

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Smipio Skill

Helps map skills, identify skills gap, and guide through personal learning path for developing right talent. Provides launchpad to brand and position their talent for the best opportunity to succeed confidently. Sharpening the mind brings self-confidence and self-sufficiency towards accelerating hiring and employee ramp up time.

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Smipio Think

Democratizes idea management by facilitating everyone to think, capture, organize and rate ideas. Helps pick right thoughts with an open mind for continuous improvement. Ability to manage new thoughts makes institutions and individuals nimble and respond to external changes quickly.

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Smipio Work

Simplifies and powers work to easily organize tasks along with expectations and build high performance teams from the pool of sharp minds. Lean empowerment helps insightfully assign tasks, and effortlessly execute entire project and support activities to consistently experience happiness.

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Smipio Autonomy

Energizes everyone to connect all the right dots, self-govern and insightfully drive self-directed learning. It helps wisely manage work, get instant visibility on progress, and address both individual and collective gaps on time.

Driving Holistic Transformation

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Transform is a six smart step methodology for driving rapid change holistically. It includes learning products and consulting methodology.

Perfect combination of holistic knowledge, knowledge system and methodology help drive the reinvention of education, workplace and talent. It drives progress towards greater future beyond imagination.

Smipio Converge on Cloud

Unifying, simplifying and happifying learning and work environment, and personalizing learning and working energize everyone to effortlessly engage, have optimal experience, and deliver greatness.

for Workplace


Simplify and happify work to empower workforce to consistently deliver great customer experience.

for Education


Empower faculties to help students identify and align their aspiration with personal learning plan.

for You


Empower individuals to connect all the right dots to smartly sail in their pursuit of excellence.