Smipio Converge

Convergence Of Brilliance


To Enable An Ecosystem

Widening gap between enterprises and education institutions blocks progress. Disconnect among desire, learning, opportunities and career path fails many.

Need to creatively link all the inter-related entities for bringing visibility and maximizing success.


To Drive Sustainable Growth

Future of education, work and talent is all about holistic thinking to converge brilliance for sustainable progress.

Agility, singularity, autonomy and working in harmony are vital to unlock individual and collective power.



Smipio Converge

Smipio Converge is a holistic software ecosystem to bring together knowledge, subject experts, learners, education institutions, and enterprises.

Smipio Converge facilitates smooth flow of knowledge across stakeholders to collectively solve and grow.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 2 - for Library

Smipio Library

Links students, faculties, industry experts, career aspirants, and alumni to easily socialize, share knowledge, and harness collective intelligence.

Smipio Modules More Icon - SC - 4 - for Career

Smipio Career

Guides individuals to insightfully aspire, reimagine future and become what they want to become in their pursuit for peak success.

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Smipio Learn

Empowers knowledge seekers to easily navigate digital library to bring all the right knowledge at fingertips and sensibly learn.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 6 - for Talent

Smipio Skill

Helps map skills, identify skills gap, and guide through personal learning path for developing right talent. Provides launchpad to brand their talent.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 10 - for Invent

Smipio Think

Democratizes idea management to think, capture, organize and rate ideas. This group thinking makes institutions and individuals nimble.

Smipio Modules Icon - SC - 9 - for Agile

Smipio Work

Simplifies and powers work to easily organize tasks along with expectations and build high performance teams from the pool of sharp minds.

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Smipio Autonomy

Energizes everyone to connect all the right dots, self-govern, drive self-directed learning, manage work, and get instant visibility to accelerate growth.

for Workplace

Simplify and happify work to empower workforce to consistently deliver great customer experience.

for Education

Empower faculties to help students identify and align their aspiration with personal learning plan.

for You

Empower individuals to connect all the right dots to smartly grow in their pursuit of happy career.