The Digital (Social) Responsibility

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Empowerment or Disempowerment Digital technology is like a knife. It can be used to save life and make many wonderful things. It can also be used to destroy life. Therefore, the responsibility lies with both producers and consumers. Producers on growth steroid will never think of sensible means to grow their business. Designing products that […]

Unleashing Human Excellence

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In the mid 90s, Ray Lane, the COO of Oracle, said “The next 5 years we will see more changes than the last 50 years.” The digital transformation we went through during the last 15 years is mind blowing. Great inventors of the 21st century have transformed smart toys into intelligent robots that speak, listen, […]

Think. Learn. Perform

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Workplace and higher education of the future is all about changing the way we think, learn and perform to deliver excellence. Robotization is taking away the jobs of humans. Education institutions got stuck in the 19th century. Globalization has increased competitions. Knowledge workers of the current era cannot be effectively managed through outdated systems and […]

Self Govern

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Knowledge worker is a complex species emotionally, behaviorally, and mentally. Many factors influence human behavior and performance and an individual performs differently in different environment and management style. Therefore, trying to program and operate people like robots will only turn them into cheap devices. Self-governance does not mean isolation or lonely struggle. It is neither […]

What is Smipio?

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Smipio is a holistic software innovation. It is an end-to-end solution to transform workplace, higher education and individuals for delivering excellence in the 21st century. Smipio can bring radical change to change the way current and future workforce think, learn and perform for delivering super performance without stress. To know more, please visit