About Smipio

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Smipio means Think, Learn and Perform. Smipio by Holistic Innovations is a holistic  software innovation powering workplace, education and yourself to unleash human excellence.

Current and future knowledge workforce need autonomy, holistic knowledge empowerment, holistic digital empowerment, and simplified learning and working environment to unlock their true potential.

Atomistic thinking and traditional system are the root cause of all problems preventing the 21st century knowledge enterprises, institutions and knowledge workers from performing at their peak potential.

Our Mission


Unleashing Human Excellence

  1. Empower both current and future workforce to think, learn, and perform brilliantly and happily.
  2. Converge the brilliance of industry, higher education and individuals for achieving greatness with a sense of purpose.

Smipio helps achieve this mission of igniting brilliance and delivering happy experience through holistic digital transformation.

Smipio Converge


Holistic Digital Empowerment to Converge Brilliance

Smipio Converge connects workplace, higher education and knowledge workers for nurturing and harnessing collective intelligence, and delivering excellence.

This platform for holistic digital empowerment can radically change the way we get educated and engage at work to unleash human excellence.

Smipio Converge helps develop right talent, position the talent for right opportunity, deliver great work and drive career transformation in line with the industry evolution. Smipio Converge helps collaboratively reinvent work, education and talent to stay relevant in the 21st century.

Reinventing Work


Disengaged workforce, information overload, lack of clarity, complex practices, and disintegrated systems block progress at work.

Reimagine work by establishing simplified and high performance work environment. Rethinking is vital for empowering the workforce to happily engage, easily learn and work, and deliver happiness to all customers.

Smipio for Workplace helps build right team, collaborate, collectively learn, insightfully work, and deliver operational excellence and efficiency.

Reinventing Education


19th century education model cannot create the knowledge workers for the 21st century.

Completely redesign higher education to create personalized and interactive learning environment. Radically redefine the system to empower learners to easily plan, learn, develop right competence and brand themselves for success.

Smipio for Education is the future of learning. It helps build highly employable and competent workforce for making the human resources relevant in the world of automation and robotization.

Reinventing You


Blind rote learning, focus on degree instead of competence, and struggle to succeed without the sense of purpose bring failures.

Empowering the current and future workforce is essential to connect to experts, get ideas, discover their desire, perfectly plan their learning, continuously learn and progress in line with their aspirations.

Smipio for You helps drive the self-transformation for unleashing the true potential. It makes individuals stand out, become competent, get visibility and find right opportunity to put their brilliance to work.

for Workplace


Smipio for Workplace transforms the way workforce think, learn, and perform for super performance.

for Education


Smipio for Education connects faculties, students and experts for enriched learning and employability.

for You


Smipio for You empowers current and future workforce for confidently achieving their career aspirations.